HOA Management Services

The major advantage of Integrity Based Management over the other Las Vegas Valley management companies is Ishana’s proven reputation for professionalism and care for a Board’s perceived and unperceived needs. In several cases, upon taking on a new client, Ishana’s analysis showed that the HOA was significantly in violation of a number of laws, primarily NRS 116. Her knowledge and understanding of each situation has brought all of these HOAs into full compliance. Because of these qualities the decision to move with Integrity Based Management is an easy one. That, in and of itself, is really the only testimonial needed for Integrity Based Management. Her customers believe in Ishana and her staff. The primary client for a community management company is the Board of Directors, not the individual property owners. Concerns of the individual property owners are normally handled at BoD Meetings where the owners have two (2) different opportunities to address their concerns to the Board and management company. Community Management fees are based on a cost “per door” (a “door” is each home, townhome, condominium etc.). Price is dependent on several factors:

  • The type of residence, single family homes generally are less expensive than condos and other multi-family residences.
  • The number of “doors”. In most cases the greater the number of “doors” the less the “per door” cost.
  • The number of Directors on the Board.
  • The billing practices.
  • If the HOA publishes a newsletter or has a website.
  • The type and quantity of amenities the community is responsible for.

Ishana Brandner has established a sterling reputation for her business practices. Word of mouth is one of the best methods of promoting the company. BoD Members meet at classes held by NRED and other entities where coffee breaks are spent discussing the curriculum of the class, and comparing notes on the pros and cons of their management company. Most management companies charge for all reimbursable items such as mileage, copying, office supplies, violations/inspections etc., in addition to the “per door” charge. Integrity Based Management, LLC “per door” charge will be all inclusive (with the exception of hard costs such as postage, paper, and envelopes. as detailed in the Appendix of the management contract); this approach to the business eliminates concerns about how much of what was used by each customer. The approach greatly simplifies the business interface.

In some cases Integrity’s “per door” price may be slightly higher than its competitors, but encompasses all reimbursables, except for the paper and postage costs. In addition to the above services, HOA’s depend on their management company to interface with real estate companies when residences are bought and sold. They provide all the HOA’s documentation to each new home owner and in most cases is the HOA’s first contact with them. The management company, in many cases, is the HOA’s “Welcome Wagon”. Ishana Brandner is also a notary public, which is also a convenience for those who need documents notarized.

I am confident that you will be pleased with my company’s services and understand the difficulties during transitions or just beginning with a new management company. Our staff will work hard to make your transition as smooth as possible. We look forward to working with you and your community. For any questions or concerns you may have, please don’t hesitate to call Integrity Based Management, LLC and speak to me or a member of my staff.


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